There is a HUGE variety of things to do in Bremer Bay from swimming, surfing, sailing, body boarding, kayaking, to 4×4 driving, snorkelling, diving, bushwalking and viewing our amazing array of wildflowers. Occasionally there is dive equipment available for hire & or purchase, depending on the season. If you need any help in finding places to obtain equipment, just give us a ring before you get here.



August to October wildflowers are in full bloom across the renowned bio-sphere. Pic Noel Hoffman - South Coast Donkey Orchard



All year round you will see amazing birdlife across the beautiful landscapes. Pic Jen Noble



Jan to April bring Orcas to the Bremer Bay Canyon which is located 70km offshore from Bremer Bay. Pic Keith Lightbody



From July - October, Southern Right whales, and occasionally Humpback whales, are seen along the picturesque coastline.



There are many varied species of fish with both on-shore and off-shore fishing.



There are a number of beach breaks scattered across the Bremer region.




Here is a list of many other things to explore and experience for your stay in Bremer Bay.






The beaches in Bremer are superb. Here is a listing of the many beaches all within a short distance or within 1 hours drive/4wd.

  • Main Beach
  • Little Boat Harbor
  • Short Beach
  • John Cove
  • Fishery Beach
  • Fosters Beach
  • Dillon Beach
  • Stream Beach
  • Reef Beach
  • Blossoms Beach
  • Native Dog Beach
  • Banky Beach
  • Back Beach
  • Peppermint Beach
  • Doubtful Bay / Hebs Beach
  • House Beach
  • Torregellup/Trigelow Beach
  • Point Ann


As the situation surrounding our community response to COVID-19 escalates and in line with Federal & State legislation/guidelines our park implemented measures several weeks back to reduce the risk to all our clients, the wider community, staff and their families.

Following on from the advice from State Government regarding “non-essential travel is now prohibited within regional WA”, we wanted to let you all know the changes that we have recently made at the beginning of this week.

Bremer Bay Caravan Park is to remain open but only to provide essential travel to those in need.
Therefore, Bremer Bay Caravan park has had to make the difficult decision to no longer accept bookings or arrivals for non-essential travel at this time. This decision is in line with the advice from the state government.

This has also meant that our park will be closing all communal facilities, e.g. Toilet/Shower blocks & Camp-Kitchens

Due to the new travel restrictions, if you have a non-essential booking within the next 3-6 months, please contact us to discuss your options.

We will endeavor to continue to a provide a great service to those that we can as long as we are permitted to do so in the face of these difficult times

Although this situation is out of our control, we are very sorry that any of your intended holiday plans have been inconvenienced.

Please take care of yourselves & each other and stay safe

Management & Staff
Bremer Bay Caravan Park
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We have the same measures in place here at longreach. Wishing our bremer bay family love and best wishes and hoping you all stay safe.

Take care guys & be safe, hope to get down when allowed 😀

Great effort team, hard decisions but important for the safety and well-being of everyone 🤗

Take care of yourselves and stay safe. Thinking of you

Well done to your team - stay safe ☺️

Off tomorrow Joye Stay safe guys xx

Thank you from one of Bremer Bay residents.

Take care & we will catch up with you sometime.xx

Sorry to hear. I’ll look forward to supporting the park after this is all over

Know that when this is over we will be back to buoy your beautiful grounds xx

We will be back when all is safe & allowed. 🤗

Right move stay safe 😎👍❤❤

We were hoping to call in in June, July. We'll call if this blows over in time. Keep healthy.

Please stay safe joye and durbs take care xx

Good luck and keep up the good work.

Well done, stay safe. 👍

We would love to book again for next easter.

Stay safe

Stay safe 😊

You two stay safe too mate 🎣🎣👍❤️❤️


Katrina Weir

Rebecca Tussler

Tracy Debbie

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All children (16 yrs & under) stay free from 2nd to 31st of March - Cabins, Chalets & Campsites
Weather is great, Orca Tours still going, Fishing is going off!!, Surf is up, Skate Park is around the corner, Food Van on site in the park....
Bring Down The Family and have a blast!!
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All children (16 yrs & under) stay free from 2nd to 31st of March - Cabins, Chalets & Campsites
Weather is great, Orca Tours still going, Fishing is going off!!, Surf is up, Skate Park is around the corner, Food Van on site in the park.... 
Bring Down The Family and have a blast!!


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Jodi Briggs

Beautiful area 😍

Cathie Contier

Jarrod Crowd

Tabitha Franke

Ayesha Smith we should do this one weekend


Sonia Swatek Mel Eastcott you picked the wrong tome to go lol

Dyan Treloar Bradley Read

Are dogs aloud at your cabins or chalets

Stacey Kennedy

Ruth Thompson

Aaron April Bell

Ron O'Donnell

Jess Hunt

Hayden Pedro

Aaron Giles should go for a weekend 🤷🏻‍♀️

Justin Sherriff

Jeff Mckenzie

Blake Hazzard

Are you going?

Mark Backhouse

Kate Jones pack the car lets go 👌🏻

Avril Cox

Melissa Estbergs

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I can’t believe this actually occurred nearby ... 😢SEAL SHOT AT CHEYNES😢😢

Tests have confirmed that an Australian sea lion found at Cheynes Beach near Albany over the weekend died as a result of wounds inflicted with a firearm.

Australian sea lions are listed as a threatened species and significant penalties apply for injuring or killing them.

The Parks and Wildlife Service is urging anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact them on 9842 4500.
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I can’t believe this actually occurred nearby ... 😢


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I hope they catch whoever is responsible for this. 😭

I have actually seen this done many years ago by professional fishermen when the seals get into their nets. They wreak the nets and cost the fishermen a lot money, but I Am also into the preservation of wildlife, however big or small.

That is heartbreaking 💔

Omg what is wrong with people.

Oh I am SO over humans and what we are doing to this world 💔

So bad 😡


Naeem Razak 😥😥😥

Worrying isn’t it. Some sub human once again deems their activity is more important than this poor seals life who was doing what it needed to survive in its ecosystem! Who ever murdered this poor innocent seal is a pathetic selfish excuse of a human. I hope you rot.... 😡

lets help find the arsehole 😡

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